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Household knowledge : Can steel storage cabinets rust?

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Steel Furniture has become more and more popular. Especially steel storage cabinets that support a variety of uses. Whether it's a wardrobe, shoe cabinet, bookcase or other storage cabinets, many people may have a mindset of steel furniture about being at risk of rusting, which will affect future use. If you want to know if steel cabinets are at risk of rusting when used for a long time, and what to do when they become rusty? Come and solve your doubts together.

Look at the important reasons Why should you choose to use steel cabinets?

For anyone who has never used a steel cabinet before. You may not know that cabinets made from steel have more advantages that meet their needs in terms of use than you think. With the outstanding properties of steel This is a strong, durable material that makes all types of steel storage cabinets able to hold weight much better than cabinets made of wood or plastic. No matter how many clothes, documents, shoes, or other items you store, you won't have to worry about the steel plate not being able to support the weight and causing damage to the items.

In addition to the outstanding properties of being able to hold weight well, Using steel cabinets also keeps your home free from termite, mold, and moisture problems. Moreover, most steel furniture is free-standing. If you are a person who likes to rearrange your home. If you want to move it to any corner of the house, you can do it easily. Nowadays, steel cabinets are designed to have a variety of styles and colors. Answers to every style of home decoration. Both functional and home decoration at the same time.

And the final reason why steel storage cabinets are liked by many people. Because it is furniture that is easy to maintain. Has a long service life and supports a variety of uses Will be applied from a closet to a dry food storage cabinet. filing cabinet or other storage cabinets, it is easy to do It's called buying a single steel cabinet. But you get multi-purpose furniture. Easy to use, worth it, very worth the price.

Use the steel cabinet for a long time. Risk of rust problems?

Even though steel storage cabinets are multi-purpose furniture with many advantages, “rust” is still a problem that makes many people hesitate. Haven't decided to buy a steel cabinet yet. Because they are worried that if steel storage cabinets are used for a long time, rust problems will follow.

No matter what type of iron or steel furniture there is a chance of rust. Because rust is caused by the surface of steel reacting with oxygen and moisture from water or air. This causes the steel to gradually transform into oxide, causing red stains, corrosion, and decreased strength. From a small area, it can spread to the point where it can no longer be used. which can occur both from the environment Production process How to use and maintain

For people who want to buy a steel cabinet to use but are still having problems with the risk of rusting or not. Please feel at ease. Because there is very little chance Because steel furniture today is produced with standardized processes. Coated with zinc phosphate which is a rust prevention substance used in the metal coating industry and baked with heat for an appropriate period of time Increase durability in use Therefore greatly reducing the problem of rust. Rest assured that your steel storage cabinet will definitely not rust.

Tips for properly maintaining steel storage cabinets

Steel cabinet production standards from the factory are only one factor in preventing rust. Because the important factor is that you should know and understand how to properly maintain steel cabinets. In order to prevent rust in a sustainable way. This can be easily done using these methods.

  • Clean the dust using a feather duster. Or use a damp cloth to wipe, followed by a dry cloth regularly.

  • Do not leave furniture exposed to water or moisture for a long time. If liquid is spilled on Should be wiped dry immediately.

  • Avoid placing the metal cabinet in areas with high humidity or direct sunlight or rain.

  • Do not use harsh corrosive cleaners. Because it may cause damage. If there are dirt or yellow stains You can use multi-purpose stain remover cream to scrub it off.

  • Use wax for car coating over the coating. Helps prevent rust in another way.

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A rusty steel storage cabinet can be fixed yourself. It's easier than you think.

If anyone's house has steel cabinets and is facing the problem of rusty cabinets, try following these 3 steps. They're guaranteed to help get rid of rust and make your steel cabinets look good again.

Step 1: Preliminary cleaning by mixing water with vinegar. Scrub the rusty area thoroughly. And you should wear gloves every time. Prevents chemicals from direct contact with the skin.

Step 2: Use sandpaper to scrub off all rusted areas. After sanding is complete and the cabinet is dry. Epoxy resin can be used to fill in areas that have been bitten by rust and have holes in them.

Step 3: Spray rust-proof spray on the steel cabinet. Then use the spray paint you want to spray over. Helps steel cabinets look bright again.

Here are some knowledge and tips on maintaining steel cabinets that we have brought to you. To help increase confidence in using steel storage cabinets. No need to worry about rust, and at KIOSK we have good quality steel cabinets to choose from in many colors and sizes to support every need at a friendly price. Browse products and promotions on our website. For more information or to order, call 02-157-1015 and LINE Official @kioskthailand.