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Steel shoe cabinet Furniture that meets your needs for outdoor use!

Organize the front of the house to look beautiful. Plus it's safe. With an outdoor shoe storage cabinet That will help you stop worrying about accidents that may result from improper placement of your shoes. It also prevents poisonous animals from hiding in your favorite shoes. And for anyone who is still out of ideas about buying a steel shoe cabinet for use outside the home. Today we have good tips for choosing outdoor shoe cabinets that can be beautifully arranged. Save space and can be used in a worthwhile manner.


Tips for choosing the right outdoor shoe cabinet to buy.

  • Choose a size that is relevant to your outdoor living space.

Because of the elements of the furniture in front of the house It is an important part that will make the overall picture of the house look neat and beautiful. But if the size is not suitable, It will make it look disorganized. Therefore, start by considering the size from the width, height, and depth of the outdoor shoe storage cabinet. It will help you get the right size furniture. Can be arranged perfectly It is also convenient while using it.

  • Choose a cabinet from the number of shoes available. and future purchasing trends

Buy a shoe cabinet once You must buy one that is worth it and can be used for a long time. And the word 'worth it' here doesn't just mean the quality of the materials that must be strong. But it also means the capacity comes with a function to help store the number of shoes currently available. You also need to look at future trends, whether there will be additional purchases or not. So you don't have to plan to buy a shoe cabinet again.

Here are some simple tips that you can use before buying a shoe cabinet: Count your current number of shoes. and predict according to your own shoe buying habits, how many Or look at the number of people in the house If used by many people, they may choose a steel shoe cabinet size approximately 150 centimeters onwards. Or choose to make a built-in cabinet that is easy to allocate to the usable space for the most perfect fit.

But if you don't like buying shoes often. and have no more than 10-15 pairs of shoes, you may choose a minimalist shoe cabinet, size approximately 60-120 centimeters, or choose to use a steel wall-mounted cabinet. It can help save space as well.

  • Choose an outdoor shoe rack Helps ventilate musty odors well.

Get rid of unwanted shoe smells. Clear the atmosphere in front of the house to be ready to welcome guests. With an outdoor shoe cabinet that has a grill to help with ventilation. Prevents the accumulation of germs and bacteria. Or choose to use it as a shoe rack Especially for separating pairs that have odor problems and are at risk of getting damp, such as sneakers. or slip-on shoes, etc.

  • Choose a shoe cabinet Multi-function Can be used multi-purpose

For anyone who wants to design the area in front of their house to be interesting. Both have a relaxation corner. And there are corners for use in other areas. You should choose a multi-purpose outdoor shoe storage cabinet that is designed to be used in a variety of ways to suit the space. You should also choose a design that can be used to sit on, put on shoes or be used to relax. Or who wants to design a shelf for placing things? To decorate decorations or trees Helps enhance the atmosphere in front of the house to be beautiful and modern. It's an idea that helps the front of the house look good at least.

  • Choose a shoe cabinet with a beautiful design Goes well with exterior decoration.

Finished by considering both size and functionality. The final step is to find a design that is beautiful and pleasing. and must be careful with the exterior decoration of the house In order to arrange and fit together well There is no conflict in terms of color and overall style. The steel shoe cabinet can be considered a flexible item. Can be adapted to suit modern home decorating. Or will focus on the loft style? And Industrial was an incredible fit.

KIOSK Pick! Steel shoe cabinet, minimalist design, complete functions!

ตู้รองเท้าเหล็กคุณภาพดี ราคาคุ้มจาก KIOSK

Swing-opening shoe cabinet that comes in a width of 60 centimeters with accessories to help block shoes that can be adjusted freely. Allows you to arrange them in a locked way. Looks orderly It is also a type of cabinet that must be attached to the wall. Therefore, it meets the needs of people with limited space. May be placed in front of the condo door or in front of the house, it will increase the usable space in a worthwhile way.

A steel shoe cabinet with an unusual design that is 100 centimeters wide but comes with 14 slanted shoe shelves, increasing the capacity to hold up to 32 pairs of shoes, all proportioned in one cabinet. Whether it's an open zone for shoes that need to release odor and are frequently used pairs Easy to use every day and a closed zone for storing other pairs of shoes neatly.

Tall design shoe cabinet Measuring only 30 centimeters wide, it comes with an opening door and a lock for safety. Plus, inside there are 8 levels of shoe racks that can be adjusted to your liking. Allows you to arrange it perfectly. Plus, it can be used comfortably with the swing of the opening door that doesn't take up a lot of space at all.

For anyone who wants to buy a beautifully designed steel shoe cabinet to place in front of the house. that can help allocate usable space in accordance with the decoration Don't forget to think about KIOSK, a steel furniture center designed for the new generation. There are also special promotions. With free delivery service all over Thailand. Start browsing interesting products today on our website. If you want to ask for more information or order products. You can contact us at 02-157-1015 and LINE Official @kioskthailand.