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KIOSK Launches Furniture Rental Service - Catering to Modern Lifestyles

Background and Rationale:

KIOSK, a leader in furniture and home decor, has recognized the evolving lifestyle trends of today, especially among younger generations who seek flexibility in their living arrangements. Whether it's frequent job relocations, studying abroad, or exploring new living spaces, KIOSK has initiated a furniture rental service to directly address the needs of contemporary consumers.

Benefits for Renters:

1. High Flexibility: Choose rental periods from 3-12 months, ideal for those needing adaptability in their living situations.

2. Cost-Effective: Eliminate the need to invest in expensive furniture, perfect for temporary residents or students.

3. Hassle-Free Relocation: No worries about selling or moving furniture when changing residences.

4. Access to Quality Furniture: Enjoy KIOSK's high-quality furniture without the commitment of purchasing.

5. Comprehensive After-Rental Services: Maintenance and repair services provided throughout the rental period.

Project Details:

1. Contract Duration:

- Flexible options from 3 to 12 months

2. Payment Terms:

- Minimum payment for the first 3 months via credit card (0% interest option available for 3 months) or bank transfer

- Subsequent monthly payments until the end of the contract

3. End-of-Contract Benefits:

- Rebate available for customers renting for 6 months or longer in 3-15% of product value.

4. Purchase Option:

- Competitive rates available for customers who decide to purchase during or at the end of the rental period

5. Maintenance Services:

- KIOSK provides maintenance and repair services to ensure furniture remains in good condition throughout the contract

6. Damage Policy:

- KIOSK does not charge for general scratches

- A fee of 500 baht per spot applies for dents

KIOSK's furniture rental service represents an innovation in the Thai furniture industry, perfectly aligning with the lifestyles of the younger generation. Whether you're a salaried professional facing frequent relocations, a student looking to economize, or a couple starting their life together, this service reduces financial burdens and simplifies furniture management.

Moreover, with comprehensive maintenance services throughout the contract period and a flexible damage policy, renters can use the furniture worry-free, without concerns about costs arising from normal use.

KIOSK hopes that this furniture rental service will provide consumers with a new option for managing their living spaces, creating a more convenient and cost-effective residential experience.

More information, please contact our Line official : @kiosk or Inbox Facebook or call 0646970024