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KIOSK Rewards Program

Let's become a KIOSK member!

  • Sign up for free! Just have an Email to get 5 points, using it as a discount for ordering immediately = 5% (only for new members).

  • Receive additional points from every purchase through the member account, every 3,000 baht receives 1 point (no limit on the number of points per order)

  • Reviews after purchasing through the system will receive X 2 points, such as purchasing products for 6,000 baht, normally receiving 2 points. When coming back to review, will receive 2X2 = 4 points.

  • Points can be used to purchase up to 8 points per time = 8% This on top discount can be combined with all other promotions, including coupons or free gifts according to each promotion.

  • Points do not have an expiration date.