Steel bed in factory price

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Because of deep sleep, It is important for all of us. And most of us tend to spend at least 8 hours a day in bed. Therefore choosing a good bed will help us rest perfectly. And gives us energy to do various activities refreshingly throughout the day. Nowadays, 'iron bed' is considered one of the types of beds that are very popular. With a modern design that comes with strength and durability, Makes it able to be used for a long time and responds to the needs of every style of room decoration.

Advantages of steel beds

Strong and durable

Steel frame bed It is outstanding in terms of strength and durability. Because the structure made of steel has a long life. Compared to other types of beds, You don't have to worry about humidity and termites after using it for a while.

Easy to use

In addition to being strong and durable, Metal beds also have the advantage of being lightweight. and a structure that can be easily disassembled. Therefore, it can be easily moved to different locations and can be stored neatly if do not use it.

Can support a lot of weight

With the strength of the material and the structure, that has been meticulously designed to be stable. To be able to distribute weight well, Metal beds can support up to 250 kilograms of weight, depending on the model. Meets the sleep needs for people in all ages. Can be used for the whole family.

How to choose a metal bed that is suitable for use?

Metal beds come in many sizes. Each size will meet different usage needs. Therefore, we should choose a metal bed that is suitable for the sleeper and the size of the bedroom. So you can use the steel bed with the most value.

Steel bed 3.5 feet / Single size

3.5 foot steel bed can sleep 1-2 people, suitable for small rooms which is limited space. Or suitable for bedrooms that want to save space. Or it may be used for a children's bedroom as a twin bed to separate beds for 2 children.

5 foot steel bed / Queen size

5 foot steel bed can sleep 2-3 people, suitable for medium sized rooms. It can be placed just right and still leaves usable space beside the bed comfortably. It is very popular in Thailand because it is not too large.

6 foot steel bed / King size

6 foot steel bed can sleep 2-4 people, suitable for large bedrooms. Answers the needs of large families or families with small children. Or couples who want a large space to sleep comfortably.

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