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Small-Medium-Large sized Digital safe with factory price

Small-Medium-Large sized Digital safe with factory price

In addition to installing CCTV cameras, a safe or safety deposit box increase the safety of our valuable assets. Even at home, hotel or office. Nowadays, safes have been developed to be more modern and able to increase security than ever before. Whether digital safe, fireproof or fingerprint safe, that only the owner of the safe can access to the assets stored inside. Make sure that Even if unexpected events occur Or which situation will you be in? Your valuable or important assets will be well protected.

Benefits of Digital Safes

1. To store valuables in an orderly manner.

For anyone who wants to store various types of assets such as cash, gold, jewelry. or any form of valuables. A digital safe is the ideal solution. Helps us keep our property and valuables in an orderly manner. without having to worry about forgetting or getting lost

2. Help protect valuables from theft.

Each safe comes with a strong security system. Both setting a digital password and scanning a fingerprint, It is also heavy and has high strength and durability. Difficult to be easily destroyed. Therefore, you can be assured that your property will be well preserved. Absolutely safe from theft.

3. Help prevent damage from fire.

Fire accidents are force majeure events that no one wants to happen. But when it happens, it can cause immeasurable damage. But when you have a fireproof safe at home, You can rest assured that all your valuables will remain intact.

How to choose a safe that is suitable for your use?

Choose from size

First, we must consider the type of property that will be stored in the cabinet. Including the area that we will use to place the safe. To help choose the most appropriate size, Safes are usually available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large safes. Or if anyone wants to separate their belongings into categories. You can choose to buy several small-medium sized cabinets for ease of storage.

Choose from lock system

Nowadays, there are two main types of safe locking systems that are commonly used: digital safes and fingerprint safes. Both of these systems will work through batteries. Its advantages are that it is modern, easy to use, and difficult to steal.

Choose from strength, durability and safety.

ven if you choose to use a cabinet with a modern locking system But choosing a safe that is fireproof will increase your peace of mind in using it even more. This fireproof safe can resist fire for up to 1 hour. In addition, some models also come with an audible warning function in case of being broken into or hit.

Increase the safety of your valuables with a fireproof safe from KIOSK

For anyone looking for a good quality safe at an affordable price. You can buy it right away at KIOSK because we are a distributor of safes in factory price. Our safe is digital safe that can use both a code system and a fingerprint scanning system in one device. Users can choose which system to use to open the safe. Additionally, there are many sizes to choose from according to your needs. Comes with strength, durability, fire protection and an audible alarm when being broken into for added safety. Easy to order online. Order over 1,000 baht, get free shipping throughout Thailand.

Passed UL72 Standard of USA. with ETL Test Report by Intertek

ETL Test Report of SA-350EDP and SA-500EDP

ETL Test Report of SA-600EDP and SA-530EDP

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