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"KIOSK Leads UVC Innovation, Answering Sanitization Needs in the Fight Against Covid-19"

When the world faced the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, it highlighted the critical importance of sanitation and disinfection. KIOSK, a premium furniture and home decor brand, innovated advanced UVC disinfection cabinets to address this pressing need.

What is UVC Radiation?

Ultraviolet C (UVC) refers to a short-wavelength band of UV light with the ability to destroy the genetic material of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. When used in appropriate amounts, it is harmless to humans but highly effective for disinfection in hospitals and public spaces.

How KIOSK's UVC Cabinets and Upper Room UVC Systems Help

- UVC Disinfection Cabinets efficiently inactivate pathogens on the surfaces of objects and personal items by exposing them to UVC radiation in an enclosed cabinet.

- Upper Room UVC Systems disinfect air and surfaces in open areas, ideal for hospitals, offices, schools and public facilities.

- The products meet WHO standards, eliminating 99.99% of pathogens safely and effectively.

- KIOSK is a leading provider of high-quality UVC cabinets and systems in Thailand.

KIOSK Proud to Play a Role in Overcoming this Critical Crisis

Through its UVC cabinet and system innovations, KIOSK has helped enhance sanitization and disinfection safety measures for various facilities including hospitals, schools, offices and public venues, enabling Thais to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic more safely.

If you are looking for effective, high-quality UVC disinfection solutions, KIOSK's products provide a trusted answer.

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