Multi-purpose steel storage cabinet in Small-medium-high size at factory price

Steel multi-purpose storage cabinet Furniture for offices, schools, factories and houses, home offices because it is durable. Makes it easy to use and long lasting. It is also easy to maintain. Don't have to worry about the problem of musty smell. and termite problems Especially when combined with steel storage cabinets that are inexpensive. They are also lighter than other cabinet types, making them a very popular solution in reasonable price.

In addition to the terms of design, there is more variety. Because whether it is a steel cabinet for office documents, a steel cabinet for storing books or general multi-purpose steel cabinet. There are many beautiful colors and shapes to choose from, guaranteed to be able to fit perfectly into the overall design.

Types of steel storage cabinets

In addition to steel storage cabinets, they stand out for their price, value, and durable features. For the purpose of use, It is also interesting. At present, it is designed to have more variety in "functions" to be consistent with the storage of different documents or items.

1. Steel cabinet with sliding glass doors

There are tall, medium and small sizes. They are storage cabinets that are commonly used in offices and at home. This type of furniture is often applied as a display case for collectibles. Metal cabinets for documents or books, etc. At KIOSK, there are many colors to choose from, including white, gray, or if anyone likes bright colors, they can choose purple, green, or blue frames as well. It can be said that there is everything for you to choose and buy according to your needs.

2. Steel storage cabinet with solid doors

Cabinets with solid doors are less expensive than those with sliding glass doors. Which has both sliding and opening doors. Suitable for use as a steel file cabinet. for important documents As well as storing various valuables and helping organize the area to look clean. There are no piles of documents or things placed in the wrong place that can make the room look cluttered.

3. Steel corner storage cabinet

For corner storage cabinets, they are hexagonal cabinets that are made to meet the needs of using every space efficiently. Designed to fit perfectly into the corner of the room. This is often a loophole that causes wasted space. Or in some places, a pillar structure will be installed in the corner of the room. Steel corner storage cabinets will help solve this problem. It can also be combined with other regular steel storage cabinets.

How to choose a steel multi-purpose storage cabinet

1. Choose durability

An important feature of steel storage cabinets is durability, so we should choose cabinets that use good quality materials that have been coated to prevent rust and can support the weight of the items placed firmly. Whether it is a document various office equipment, especially Using it as a steel cabinet to store a lot of documents or books. You should choose a strong cabinet. There are additional beams on each shelf of the cabinet. To be able to support the weight of the document without bending or bending, all of this is to prevent damage. or the collapse of the shelves inside the cabinet.

2. Budget

We can't deny that. Budget is important Especially when buying in large quantities, so what should be done? is looking for a multi-purpose steel storage cabinet that is sold at a factory price. By a distributor that can be trusted There must be a product warranty. To ensure that you will receive excellent quality products.

3. Items you want to keep

In addition to the above mentioned Don't forget to consider the items you want to keep. Because it will affect the choice of purchasing steel cabinets. For example, If you want to store documents, books, or collectibles, you should purchase a steel cabinet with sliding glass doors. in order to facilitate ease of vision But if it is to store important documents, miscellaneous items, or unattractive machinery Choosing something completely closed seems more appropriate. In addition, each shelf inside the cabinet Should be able to adjust the level of the shelf. In order to be able to store each size appropriately and with the most value.

Think about multi-purpose steel storage cabinets. Excellent quality must be KIOSK

For those who are looking for a steel storage cabinet. Or a steel document cabinet, factory price, good quality, and no need to worry about termites, mold or musty smells. Because the material is made of steel. Plus there are many types to choose from. A variety of colors to suit your needs at KIOSK. We have many to choose from. You can choose at our website. Lots of promotions, lots of discounts. Order 1,000 baht, free shipping all over Thailand.

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